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Sport Management

The sport management program educates students about the diverse social, historical, and managerial aspects of sports. The sport management curriculum, tailored to best suit students' interests, ensures graduates understand the important role sports play in society.

The 24-semester-hour sport management minor brings several academic departments together including business administration, economics, communication, history, speech and drama, and others to allow students a broad understanding of sports' impact and place in society.

This program appeals to students wishing to pursue graduate work in sports studies or sports management; explore a career in college or professional sports, non-profit sports organizations, or recreational sports organizations; or those planning to coach or wishing to explore the world of sports. In addition to our academic courses, there are opportunities for internships and participation in events both on-and off-campus related to sports and the industry.

Alumni with sport management minors have worked for organizations including Spurs Sports and Entertainment, the Valero Alamo Bowl, San Antonio Sports, the Orlando Magic, Nike, the Texas Rangers, The University of Texas at Austin's Sport Management department, The CE Group, the Memphis Redbirds, Trinity University athletic department, the University of Colorado athletic department, the United States Olympic Committee, Northern Illinois University athletic department, and more.

Internships and Professional Associations


Students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship as part of the sport management minor. Trinity students have completed internships with:

Additionally, students are encouraged to visit Career Services and TeamWorkOnline for internship opportunities.

Professional and Scholarly Associations, Publications, and Resources

Professional and Scholarly Associations

  • Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE)
  • European Association of Sport Management (EASM)
  • National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)
  • North American Society for Sport History (NASSH)
  • North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)
  • Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ)
  • Sport Management Council of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE)

Professional and Scholarly Publications

  • Athletic Business
  • European Sport Management Quarterly
  • International Journal of Sport Management
  • International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing
  • International Journal of Sport Management, Recreation, and Tourism
  • International Journal of Sport Policy
  • International Journal of the History of Sport
  • Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education
  • Journal of Sport History
  • Journal of Sport Management
  • Recreational Sports Journal
  • Sport History Review
  • Sport Management Education Journal
  • Sport Management Review
  • Sports Business Daily
  • Sports Business Journal

Online Resources

Want to know more about working in the sports world?

Sport management alumna Emily Shiraki '13 produced a video highlighting internship opportunities with the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, CO. Watch→

Rick Hill's '91 blog is a must read.


SPMT 1106 Sport Officiating Laboratory
This laboratory is designed to provide students an opportunity for practical implementation of the practices and skills learned in SPMT 1306. (Also listed as PHED 1106). Prerequisite: SPMT 1306 or consent of instructor.

SPMT 1165 Intramural Programming
In this course, students will plan and participate in new recreational opportunities. Students will create an event and teach their classmates the rules, regulations, and policies for that particular sport or recreation activity and then participate in that event as a group. (Also listed as PHED 1165.)

SPMT 1306 Sport Officiating
The purpose of this class is to provide students a meaningful educational experience of both a practical and theoretical nature in the area of sport officiating.

SPMT 1312 Sport in Society
A study of contemporary issues in sport and the impact sport has on society. Topics that will be critically analyzed include children and sport, sport and education, gender and racial issues, and deviance in sport.

SPMT 1314 Athletic Facility and Event Management
This course explores the basic concepts pertaining to the planning, organizing, and conducting of sporting events, both amateur and professional. Additionally, the course will address the planning, development, and maintenance of sport and leisure facilities.

SPMT 3308 Sport Management
Studies the foundation and application of sport management as it applies to athletics, business, and physical education. Includes organizational theory, leadership, sport law, ethical concerns, budgeting, and marketing. Prerequisite: MGMT 2301.

SPMT 3309 Legal Issues in Sport
This course provides an understanding of the legal system, its terminology, and legal principles applied to professional and amateur sport. Emphasis is on identifying and analyzing legal issues affecting the sport environment, such as contracts, tort law, regulation of sport agents, labor management relations, civil rights legislation including Title IX, discrimination issues, and antitrust and arbitration decisions.

SPMT 3312 Ethics in Sport Management
This course will focus on the exploration of contemporary values, issues, and controversies associated with sport and sport management. It is designed to provide students with a fundamental, theoretical, and practical knowledge of various ethical issues that may arise in sport. Students will become familiar with ethical decision-making methods and potential solutions to ethical issues they may encounter as sport professionals. Ethical concepts and issues will be examined through lectures, class discussions, presentations, and group assignments. Prerequisite: SPMT 3309.

SPMT 3314 History of American Sport
This course explores the historical evolution of American sports from colonization to globalization. The course examines sport experiences in colonial America, the antebellum health reform movement, sport and social changes during the progressive era, and the rise of modern sport. Emphasis will be given to the place of sport in the university and the development of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Prerequisite: SPMT 1312.

SPMT 3315 Financial Aspects of Sport Management
An analysis of financial and economic aspects of professional and collegiate sports. This course will cover such issues as forms of ownership, formulation and development of operating budgets, financial forecasting, taxation, revenue production, risk, economic impact studies, financial planning for sports organizations and professional athletes, and the economic impact of unions in professional sports. Prerequisites: ACCT 1302 and SPMT 3308.

SPMT 3316 Leadership for Sport Professionals
This course explores the development of personal leadership skills for athletic directors, coaches, managers, and others in the sport industry. An emphasis will be placed on the relationship between goal development and organizational culture as each relates to key approaches, models, and theories in the leadership field.

SPMT 3317 Sport Media
This course is designed to help students think more critically about the role of sport media in American culture. The relationship between sport media and issues such as race, gender, sexuality, nationalism, capitalism/consumerism, violence, and civic life will be examined. Ethical implications and the impact of social media also will be explored. (Also listed as COMM 3357.)

SPMT 3-90 Directed Study in Sport Management
Independent study or research, or advanced selected topics in sport management that are not covered in other classes. Variations in credit according to the work performed, from one to three hours. Class may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours, provided the topic varies. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

SPMT 4301 Organizational Theory in Sport Management
Designed for those students who desire to study sport management in graduate school. The course examines the structure and design of sport organizations. Special emphasis will be placed on organizational decision making, power, and culture. Additionally, students will be introduced to research methods used in sport management and required to develop a small scale research or assessment project. Prerequisites: SPMT 1312, SPMT 3308, and consent of instructor.

SPMT 4302 Seminar in Contemporary American Sport
Discussion-oriented course focusing on the connection between sports, culture, and selected contemporary America institutions. Using theoretical frameworks such as cultural hegemony, social capital, and new institutionalism students will explore the place of sports in educational institutions, the intersection of sports and politics, the symbiotic relationship between sport and media, and the economic realities of modern sport. Prerequisite: SPMT 3314 or consent of instructor.


  • Jacob Tingle, Ed.D., assistant professor of the practice, business administration; chair
  • Carolyn Becker, Ph.D., professor, psychology
  • Jennifer J. Henderson, Ph.D., associate professor, communication
  • Rita D. Kosnik, Ph.D., professor, business administration
  • David W. Lesch, Ph.D., professor, history
  • John M. McGrath, Ph.D., professor of human communication
  • Dominic G. Morais, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of sport management
  • Seth Asbury, M.S., part-time instructor, sport management (athletic facilities and event management)
  • Andrea Duke, Ph.D., part-time instructor, sport management (sport media and sport in society)
  • Rick Pych, part-time instructor, sport management (financial aspects of sport management)
  • Brandon James, part-time instructor, sport management (legal aspects of sport management)

Trinity sport management students and alumni are engaging in exciting projects and activities.

Current Students

  • Brooke Sanchez completed a summer internship with the USOC.
  • Riley Einfalt spent the summer with the Austin Toros (NBDL) completing a ticket sales internship.
  • Emily Kimmitt worked with the San Antonio Scorpions.
  • Lydia Duncombe interned with the San Antonio Express News and wrote some amazing articles. Click here for a sample.


Minor Description: 

The sport management minor brings several academic departments together including business administration, economics, communication, history, human communication and theatre, and others to provide students a broad understanding of sports' impact and place in society. The 24-semester-hour interdisciplinary minor is designed to ensure graduates understand the important role sports play in society.