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Majors & Minors

Trinity offers a major and minor in English and  a minor in creative writing. The major gives students a solid grounding in historical eras of both the British and American traditions well as in literary theory and several literary genres.


Bachelor of Arts in English

The B. A. in English requires 39 hours from courses offered in the department with at least 15 hours coming from lower division courses and at least 21 hours from upper division classes.

Major requirements and courses


Minor in English

A minor in English consists of a minimum of 21 semester hours of English above ENGL 1302, of which at least 12 semester hours must come from upper-division courses.

Minor in Creative Writing

The minor in Creative Writing consists of a minimum of Twenty-one (21) credit hours from the following list of courses, with a maximum of two (2) courses in literature and with a maximum of two (2) courses in Communication.

Interdisciplinary Minors

Minor in Comparative Literature

The minor in comparative literature is designed for students who want to pursue the study of literature unrestricted by national boundaries and conventional demarcations of culture. Comparative literature recognizes that all literary texts exist within the framework of world cultures and emphasizes the importance of bringing a multicultural perspective to understanding literary traditions. The minor requires Introduction to Comparative Literature, two language courses in a language other than English, two literature courses in a language other than English, and upper-division electives.

Minor in Film Studies

The film studies minor, a 21-hour minor, recognizes film as a valuable form of cultural history. The discipline of film studies includes a range of activities, such as film history, film interpretation, and film theory. Production courses play a major role in any film studies program, and Trinity's film studies minor encourages students to take courses on video production, photography, writing, and other practical skills.

Minor in Linguistics

Trinity's linguistics minor provides students an opportunity to study the principles involved in the most basic and universal of human symbol systems. The minor equips students with the ability to understand the phenomenal process that we use in order to acquire our native linguistic abilities. The minor requires 4 semesters of a language other than English, plus 18 additional hours, 9 of which must be upper division.

Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The minor in medieval and Renaissance studies, an 18-hour minor, allows students the opportunity to discover and re-examine knowledge about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and teaches students how to employ a variety of methods of historical and theoretical analysis as models for such scholarship. 

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

The women's and gender studies minor, a 19-hour minor, explores the cultural construction of gender and sexuality. Courses in the program examine gender and sexuality in the context of race and class, global and domestic politics, religion, and critical theory through literature, visual arts, and other media. The classes are designed to give students the critical skills and intellectual training they need to ground their personal and political concerns.