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Major & Minor

EAST is an interdisciplinary degree program combining intensive study of East Asian languages and cultures with the study of the social sciences and business in an East Asian context. Language study is integral to the degree, and Trinity offers courses in Chinese as part of Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC).


Bachelor of Science in Chinese Studies

The student who completes the major in East Asian studies will receive a Bachelor of Science in Chinese studies. For each student, the study of language will be fully integrated with the study of other disciplines through each year of the college career, ensuring that the graduate will not only be proficient in the language, but that he or she will have achieved an advanced level of understanding across the curriculum.


Minor in East Asian Studies

Students who want to explore the languages and cultures of East Asia in some depth, but whose primary interests lie elsewhere, may choose a minor in East Asian Studies. The 24-hour minor combines a 6-hour core in East Asian culture, 12 hours of upper division Asian language, and 6 hours of electives taught in English.

Language Study

Students interested in the study of languages are encouraged to also pursue language courses offered by the department of modern languages and literatures. The department offers a variety of Chinese courses, some taught in Chinese and some in English. In addition, if sufficient demand exists, a self-instructional languages program (SILP) in Korean is available. Those interested in Korean are especially encouraged to enroll in one of our exchange institutions in Seoul, South Korea.

Students also have the opportunity to take Trinity courses taught in target languages as part of the Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) program. LAC courses are taught by faculty members fluent in other languages, and class discussions and assignments in the target language are encouraged.

Masters of Arts in Teaching

Trinity undergraduates intending to enter the Master of Arts in Teaching program can major in Chinese Studies, and are awarded a Bachelor of Science upon the completion of undergraduate studies. In addition to fulfilling the Chinese Studies major requirements, applicants are also expected to complete several courses within the Education Department while they are undergraduates. Upon completion of the fifth year, students will receive a M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching) and earn their state certification to teach in a Texas public school.